Instruction for Authors

ARTICLES should deal with the original research related to radiological sciences and technology. The content of manuscript should not be published previously nor submitted concurrently for the publication elsewhere.
Submissions can be in the form of (1) Full length original papers, (2) Review articles, (3) Technical report.

1. Manuscript in English should be submitted to the Editorial Committee with 1 copy and electronic file by mail or e-mail at anytime.
A separate letter including article title, author name, institute name, author address, corresponding author name and address (postal code and address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address), subtitle, and previously published paper should be submitted.
Electronic manuscript should be prepared using the Hangul.

2. All manuscripts are sent to the referees selected by the Editorial Committee for the peer review and acceptance, rejection, or recommendations for revision is decided.

3. Author should pay the publishing fee for the publication of papers with 30 free copies available. Besides the provided copies, the additional expenses are required.

4. Style
1) Manuscript should be in the order of Title, Author's name and institute, Author's address, Abstract, Key words, Text (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, conclusion), References, Legends of Tables, Tables, Legends of Figures, and Figures on the A4 format paper with double spacing and no page number.
2) There should not be any conjunctions between the authors' name, if more than two.
3) Abstract should not exceed 300 words, with not more than 5 key words.
4) Superscripts indicating the legends of tables or the institute of author are in the order of number.
1) 2) 3)...
5) References should be referred with the order of number as appeared in the text in parenthesis,
6) References in the list should be the following format with names and initials of all authors when six or fewer, otherwise only the first three adding et al.
a. Book
Khan FM: The Physics of Radiation Therapy. 2nd ed., Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 71-93, 1994
b. Chapter
Chen GTY, Pelizzari CA: Imaging in radiotherapy, Khan FM, Potish RA: Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology, Williams & Wilkins, Blatimore, 11-31, 1998
c. Journal
- Gildong Hong, Cheunhang Sung, Kekjeung Lim et al.: Consideration on Medical Exposure, Journal of Korean Society of Radiological Technology, 26(3), 137-141, 1998
d. Report
ICRU Report 35: Radiation Dosimetry, Electron Beams with Energy between 1 and 50 MeV, International Commission in Radiation Units and Measurements, Bethesda, 1984
e. Proceedings
- Gildong Hong, Cheunhang Sung, Kekjeung Lim et al.: Consideration on Medical Exposure. First Korea-Japan Joint Meeting on Radiology, Seoul, p20, 1996

Manuscripts should be submitted to :
Manuscripts should be submitted via the online Manuscript Central website (